Alfred Mann Foundation Rebrands as huMannity Medtec, Unveiling a Bold, Future-Focused Identity

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Thursday, September 28, 2023 at 2:33pm UTC

Alfred Mann Foundation Rebrands as huMannity Medtec, Unveiling a Bold, Future-Focused Identity

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SANTA CLARITA, Calif. , Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Scientific Research (AMF), a leading nonprofit medical research organization with a nearly 40-year history of innovation, is proud to announce its rebranding to huMannity Medtec, effective today. This transition includes a vibrant new visual identity, reflecting the organization's progressive vision for the future of medical technology.

This rebranding culminates a year-long effort to articulate huMannity Medtec's unique expertise and ethos, honoring the legacy of the organization's founder, med tech pioneer Alfred E. Mann. The new branding emphasizes a future-focused mission, aimed at elevating global healthcare standards.

Robert Greenberg MD, PhD, CEO and Chairman of huMannity Medtec, conveys his excitement. "We are thrilled to introduce huMannity Medtec, a name that encapsulates our unwavering commitment to pioneering novel medical technologies to help shape the future of healthcare. Our new brand signifies a reinvigorated dedication to solving the most pressing patient problems."

The rebranding includes a new logo and branding system, designed to celebrate the passion and optimism underlying the company's medical research and product development efforts, and a continued focus on people and patients. These elements are featured on the organization's revamped website,

huMannity Medtec is a unique research and development organization that specializes in pioneering novel medical technologies that solve undermet patient needs. The organization's innovative product development pipeline propels promising intellectual property forward, from concept to clinical studies and beyond. The company employs a broad range of exceptional talent, including engineers, scientists, clinical and regulatory affairs experts, a seasoned business development team and other professionals, in order to develop products with significant patient impact. huMannity Medtec has specific expertise in the fields of neurotechnology, drug delivery, and implantable devices.

During its nearly four decades as the Alfred Mann Foundation, the organization has pioneered many groundbreaking medical technologies, including multi-channel cochlear implants, innovative retinal prosthetics, implantable glucose sensors, and peripheral nerve stimulators. Companies built around AMF technologies have successfully delivered these impactful products to patients and have collectively achieved nearly $8B in market value.

While the name and visual identity have evolved, the organization's commitment to positive patient impact remains firm. As huMannity Medtec, the team continues to press forward with groundbreaking research and development to create transformative medical technologies that address undermet healthcare needs worldwide.

Says Greenberg, "While we continue our journey as huMannity Medtec, we look forward to even greater achievements, and even more transformative technologies. Together, with our new name and renewed energy, we're poised to redefine what's possible in healthcare and help individuals around the world lead healthier, more fulfilling lives."

Explore huMannity Medtec's new website, and follow the organization on social media to see the team in action:

About huMannity Medtec

huMannity Medtec (formerly The Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Scientific Research) is a non-profit medical research organization that aims to enable humankind to reach its full potential by pioneering life-enhancing technologies for undermet healthcare needs. Founded in 1985 by legendary healthcare entrepreneur Alfred E. Mann, huMannity Medtec has developed myriad successful medical devices which have changed lives across the globe. huMannity Medtec has unique expertise in the fields of implantable devices, drug delivery, and neuromodulation, and the organization's spinoff companies have achieved a market value of approximately $8B. huMannity Medtec's campus is located in Santa Clarita, California. Learn more at

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